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Frequently Asked Questions

"He must be very ignorant for he answers every question he is asked."



If you have a question, you may find it answered here.

How do I delete the pre-installed demo events?

You can delete all demo events at once, under the "Tutorials >> Delete Demo Data" menu item. Non-demo events are untouched.

Also, any time you wish to delete multiple events (demo or not), you can use the "Advanced >> Delete Found Set" menu item. This deletes the entire currently found set (the # of events currently showing as "xx found"), so be careful using this feature!

I reset my Preferences, and now all my LivingTime windows are smaller. What happened?
On the Behaviors panel of Preferences, there's a setting called Large Layout. The first time LivingTime runs, it turns this on (in versions prior to v2.5), so new users will be able to see things more easily (like the Zoom In button, for example). But experienced users often turn this setting off so they can see more events when viewing lists, so the Preferences Reset defaults it to off. In LivingTime v2.5, the first-run startup sequence provides this option on the QuickStart screen, so it no longer automatically makes the window larger.

What is "Source Tracker" for and how do I use it?
The Source Tracker (accessed from the Main Menu) is designed to keep track of which sources you have already reviewed, when entering events. This is useful when doing a batch (like calendars from years ago), as well as checking off each month when it's done (so you know how current you are).

Each source line represents one year, with checkboxes for each month. When you've polled a Source for a particular month, check it off. When all months for a year have been checked off, the Year for that Source line is marked as complete.

Source Tracker also includes a "persistent" reminder note area (click the lower left "notepad" icon), so you can leave yourself a note about where you left off or what you want to do next.
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