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How to Register    


LivingTime is Shareware

You can try the program for free, then pay $19.95 for the personalized registration code to keep using it. Naturally, we hope you'll find it so worthwhile you'll want to buy it (all major credit cards accepted). Due to the highly personal nature of its use, each program is registered to one individual. That person's name and birthdate are part of the registration process. (Personal information is kept confidential; see our privacy policy for details.)

Until the program is registered, it runs in Trial Mode...

  • limited to 15 startups or 15 hours of use, whichever lasts longer;
  • brands timeline charts with a “generated by an unregistered copy” message;
  • after expiration, still allows you to export any events you created.

To purchase a license and obtain your personalized registration code:

1. Open the Secure Order Form (opens in a new window).
2. Complete the form, personalized with the user's name and birthdate.
3. Wait for the email containing your unique registration code.
4. Enter the registration information into LivingTime, following instructions in the email.

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