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About Personal Timelining

"I am a part of all
that I have met."

Lord Tennyson

Human nature is such that we try to bring order to our world, to make sense of it. Time as we now understand it was created in the Industrial Age. Before there were clocks, we humans regulated ourselves by the seasons and by the sun and the moon. Time was not an abstract concept—it was the natural unfolding of all life’s events, the flow of life itself. In the twenty-first century we have gotten very good at tracking hours and days, but less so with years and lifetimes.


Why timeline?

– to review and better interpret your past
– to keep a historical account of your life
– to record your child or parent's life
– for the pleasure of reminiscing
– to record natural yearly cycles
– to assemble your life's story
– as a memory aid

Top-ten list of reasons to timeline.

Public Event Timelines are available in topic areas like World News, Entertainment, Sports, The Economy, Science, Invention, and more! See for details.

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