Top-Ten List of Reasons to Use LivingTime...


10. Seeing the events of your life all together shows just how much life you’ve lived, and all the things you’ve done. Gathered together in one place, you realize it’s pretty impressive!

9. Just the facts, ma’am. Create the definitive historical record of your life according to you. (And who better to do it?)

 Pop quiz: Where/how did you spend your last 10 New Years Eves?

8. Gain new understanding on an old memory. Look back and see more clearly what led up to a certain event, and what else was going on around the same time.

7. Finally throw away all those old paper calendars (that you rarely look at anyway). Once you’ve culled through them and entered the important information, you can dump (or recycle) that old paper with a clear conscience.

6. A handy cure for selective amnesia about some portion of your life. Can’t recall that certain little detail? Have one place to look it up (or at least get a hook to jog your memory).

 Pop quiz: Where did you live when you were 12 years old? In fifth grade?

5. Victory Log. Ever have a moment where you feel like you can do no right? Pull up a list of accomplishments to disprove it!

4. Get anniversary reminders for events you choose.

3. Connections. Look through time and note the people who have touched your life, and who you have affected in some way.

2. A pick-me-up. Whenever you’re in a state of less-than-optimum attitude, quickly find some pleasing memory, demonstration of love, or other success that switches your thinking.

1. If we don’t record our history, we will forget it. And as Socrates proclaimed, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

“For Life, as in any other lottery, ‘You must be present to win.’”
—Jack Kornfield

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